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Chatham - Smart, Beautiful, Real
Chatham creates bright, stylish, attractive jewelry with bigger stones and bolder colors. Whether you're looking for an exquisite pink diamond pendant in 14kt white gold or a stunning sapphire ring in 14kt yellow gold, Chatham creates something you'll love. The best place in the Lafayette, LA area to get this vivid jewelry is right here at Andy's Jewelry!

Currently, we have an impressive selection of Chatham created gemstone jewelry such as blue diamond, emerald, yellow diamond, padparadscha, alexandrite, ruby, and pink sapphire. You might be wondering if these gemstones are real or an imitation. Rest assured, they are indeed real.

These diamonds and gemstones are cultured, just like many pearls are. Similarly to pearls, these gemstones are created by being placed in an environment that duplicates nature's process. When the required combination of chemical and environmental factors has been created, the gems' crystals grow. The specific length of time varies per gemstone, but typically takes about a year.

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14KW .71ctw Round Diamond Ring
14KW 1.00ctw Round Diamond Ring
14KW 1.41ctw Round Diamond Ring
14KW Round Diamond Ring
14KW .86ctw Round Diamond Ring
Classic Ruby Round Diamond Ring
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The result is quality diamonds and gems that have identical chemical, physical, and optical properties as the ones that are found in nature. In fact, sometimes the quality is better than mined gemstones because a laboratory setting means that computers can carefully control temperature and any foreign objects that might interfere with the beauty of the stones.

Best of all, only a certified gemologist with a powerful microscope can tell the difference between Chatham created gemstones and those that are mined. However, your budget will easily be able to tell the difference, since you'll typically save a substantial amount of money buying Chatham gemstones.

Today, Chatham is world-renowned as the leader of created gemstones. With an unbeatable Lifetime Warranty and Certificate of Authenticity, you are assured reliability and long-term value. From the latest fashion trends in finished jewelry to the stunning beauty of their loose stones, Chatham enthusiasts around the world agree: Chatham is definitely smart, beautiful, and real.

Here on this page, you can look at a few examples of the vibrant gemstone jewelry we're proud to bring into the Lafayette, LA area. If you'd like to see any of the fine Chatham gemstones and/or jewelry in person, we invite you to visit us today! One of our friendly and trained staff members is here to help you select the jewelry that best suits your style or makes a memorable gift for someone special in your life.