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Ernest Borel
Ernest Borel

Traditional Swiss brand Ernest Borel has a strong commitment to delivering world class timepieces with innovative designs and distinctive fashion concept. Founded in 1856 by Jules Borel and Paul Courvoiser, the company has made its name in the industry since its humble beginnings in one of the most notable regions for Swiss watchmaking, Neuchâtel. In 1860, the company began exporting their products to Uruguay marking their first accomplishment in the global market and success continues from thereon.

Ernest Borel boasts its longstanding history in manufacturing watches with diverse styles that perfectly compliment every personality and fashion statement. From stainless steel case to two tone gold bracelet, and genuine leather strap, all materials and parts are meticulously examined not only to ensure time accuracy but also guarantee durable pieces that are meant to be kept for a lifetime.

Dials are made of premium materials such as mother of pearl and some are engraved with natural diamonds. Meanwhile, the bezels are usually constructed out of precious metals such as gold, stainless steel or gold plate, and few other models have diamond accents as well.

A great success for over 150 years, Ernest Borel upholds the tradition of quality, consistency and precision. The notable watchmaker incorporates traditional and modern sense of style into a series of unique timepieces spanning an extensive range of both automatic and quartz movement wrist watches for men and women of all ages. Few of their popular series pay tribute to the history of Ernest Borel including the Jules Borel Collection, all equipped with impressive mechanical properties.

We here at Andy's Jeweler are proud to offer Ernest Borel to our customers. Alongside with the trademark of perfection, Ernest Borel has become the hallmark of romance, hence the dancing couple in its company logo. The Swiss watchmaker has released various collections of couple watches embodying the love, friendship, and special moments shared between two lovers. Among the well-known series of couple wrist watches include the Harmonic Collection, Romance Series, Braque Collection, and Royal Collection. Each has its distinct patterns and design reflecting different artistic forms from cubism to geometric patterns, and fusion of classical and modern art.

Apart from dress watches and romantic models, Ernest Borel offers a wide range of distinguished timepieces for divers and athletes that are specially designed to withstand extreme conditions. All links and cases are tough in their construction and unique features are installed.

Over a century and a half of adhering to the company’s principle of perfection and precision in watchmaking, Ernest Borel has become an internationally renowned brand for fashionable wrist watches. The company manages to present an element of surprise with their ever-evolving designs and leading-edge technical solution to keep up with the new trends in fashion and technology. Ernest Borel is synonymous to elegance, charm, class, beauty and luxury that each timepiece is worth your investment.

Stop in today at Andy's Jewelry located in Lafayette, LA and have one of our experienced associates help you pick out your next Ernest Borel watch. Whether it's for yourself or a family member, we are sure to have exactly what you need!
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