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Kirk Kara
Kirk Kara’s designs are inspired by the special people in his family and with this strong sense of family, he creates heirlooms that exhibit years of hands-on experience and love of the art. Featuring luminous designs using diamonds, blue sapphires, and pink sapphires, most of his lines are available in 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, and platinum. With such a rich variety of choices and incredibly exquisite designs, you're sure to find the ring and wedding bands that best symbolize your unique love story. Below is a list of the collections Kirk Kara has created and a brief description of the inspiration behind each.
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Amelia – A collection with a regal bearing, yet a decidedly modern twist.
Angelique – Inspired by his grandmother, this collection is a lyrical symbol of love and grace.
Artin – Comfort, style, and old-world craftsmanship designed especially for men.
Carmella – Vintage styling with a contemporary and glamorous spin.
Charlotte – A vibrant, joyous celebration of the love you've found and the family you're creating.
Dahlia – Nature lovers will adore this collection that symbolizes the blooming nature of love.
Isabella – Get swept away in the bold, romantic flair of this collection.
Stella – Streamlined and sparkling, this collection will shine as brightly as your love.
Victoria – The gentle curves and classic styling make for a gorgeous symbol of your devotion.

The best place in Lafayette, LA to get your Kirk Kara engagement ring and wedding bands is at Andy's Jewelry. We recognize the level of passion, dedication, and skill that go into Kirk Kara's creations and, as such, are very happy to offer his collections of stunning bridal jewelry to you.

On this page, you look through a few examples of the alluring designs Kirk Kara has become recognized the world over for. Through these images, you can gain an idea of the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into each piece of jewelry Kirk Kara designs. However, to truly appreciate the fine differences between his collections and to find the one that best represents your bond of love, visit us today!

When you're looking to propose lifelong love and start a family, an Andy's Jewelry consultant is ready to assist you in finding the perfect Kirk Kara jewelry to express the treasured love you share. With Kirk Kara bridal jewelry, you know you're buying not just an engagement ring or wedding bands. You're also purchasing a symbol of love that will be treasured today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.