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Natalie K Bridal Collection
Please note if you're looking for a specific item from Natalie K we do have the ability to special order any item.
Andy's Jewelry is very excited to bring the Natalie K Bridal Collection to Lafayette, LA just for you! Getting engaged is a major milestone in your life and Natalie K's gorgeous diamond bridal jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate and symbolize that commitment. Come in and take a look at our exclusive line of exquisite Natalie K designer diamond engagement rings available to you right here in Lafayette, LA! We carry a wide range of designs including three stone engagement rings, contemporary diamond engagement rings, vintage styled engagement rings and more! Every Natalie K diamond ring is an exquisite work of art that you will treasure forever.

The diamond engagement rings in this dazzling collection are lovingly handcrafted from the finest quality platinum, 18kt gold, and diamonds by the finest jewel artists. As a modern bride, you're sure to take great delight in designer diamond engagement rings from Natalie K's Collection. It's especially fitting because the word "diamond" is derived from the Greek "adamas." This translates to "unconquerable," which is a fine tribute to the eternal love and commitment you're pledging. Come into Andy's Jewelry today to find the perfect symbol of your dedication to each other with the ultimate token of love from the Natalie K Bridal Collection.

Every diamond engagement ring from her collection features the trademark Natalie K design: intricate, graceful, and exquisitely detailed. These rings perfectly bring together timeless elegance and contemporary artistry. These rings are made to be treasured for your lifetime and then to be passed down from generation to generation. This way, you can keep the story of your love alive forever through the impeccably designed engagement ring.
14k White Gold Pave Halo Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

Natalie K: Eternal

Your hand-picked center stone will lie among a split shank and halo of 90 brilliant round white diamonds on this 14k white gold semi mount engagement ring.

If you're a fan of a more classic style, Natalie K has designed the Vintage Engagement Ring Collection. This collection is suffused with elegantly elaborate architecture, delicate details, and unique platinum or white gold metal finish. Everything, from the romantic feeling to the era-inspired arrangement of diamonds, shows that Natalie K's vintage diamond engagement rings collection are perfect for the modern bride with classic tastes.

Natalie K has fast become a hot commodity amongst the Hollywood crowd and her designs have been featured in Life and Style magazine and on Fox News, CNN, and Good Morning America. However, not only are her designs sophisticated, romantic, and exquisite but they also only use conflict-free diamonds hand-selected from Belgium and Israel. The gold and platinum are recycled which reduces the demand for freshly mined precious metals.

Visit Andy's Jewelry today to have a look at our collection of Natalie K diamond bridal jewelry! We're always happy to take part in the special moments in your life and making your diamond dreams come true!